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Power of the Ancients (Tales of Dentville in the Post Apocalypse)

    The rising whine confirms it for Zane. Even in the relative relief of the TTR shadow, the noise persists, though more numinal than physical. “Can’t we haul the machine away from Dentville?”
    “We’ll never get far enough,” Fennec says. His hands move rapidly over the console panels, bringing up displays of numbers, graphs, and columns of writing. “We have maybe an hour before it levels Dentville and spirits-only-know how much of the surrounding countryside.”

Power of the Ancients is infused with the spiritual ambiance of A Canticle for Leibowitz, coupled with the sword-playing contests for power of A Game of Thrones. All with shades of the paranormal.

Start your journey into the 24th century world of Dentville with Power of the Ancients and see today’s unraveled consequences in our post-technology future.

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Featured in South Carolina Writers Association 2021 anthology: Catfish Stew

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