To Begin Again

Welcome to my new website and blog of Book Reviews and Commentary!

What I write mostly is book reviews (because I read a lot) that I post on the Amazon and Goodreads websites (as well as my own). At this time, I have posted over 100 reviews on Amazon that have earned over 1200 “Helpful” votes. I’ve also gleaned a lot of “Likes” on Goodreads for my reviews, but I don’t have stats on that.

So reviews is what this website is mostly about. That is, I’ll be posting reviews on books and other media (movies, events, games, etc), all of which I call “Ray-Views.” I have done this on a website that I maintained for some five years (while I also worked a full-time job in IT). Having now retired, I can no longer afford to maintain that site (actually, there were two of them) so I’m moving to a lesser-cost platform (WordPress). I’m starting over and simplifying, which I think is a good thing to do.

Regarding content, I say “mostly reviews” because I’ll also make other posts that I hope will be helpful, entertaining, and insightful for you. Most of those posts will be headed with “From Ray’s Journal.” This is because I called my previous blog, “Ray’s Journal.” In these journal entries, I talked a lot about life and gave opinions on world events.

All this previous material constitutes a lot of content that’s off the web now (or soon will be). I still have my own copies of it (reviews and blog posts), some of which I’ll probably repost here. I may even recycle some of it into a book (the next volume of Ray-Views). We’ll see.

As a potential follower of my work, you should know that my interests center on science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, and human drama in storytelling. I also love the classics (in most things: literature, music, even clothing). So most of the books and movies I review will be of this sort of thing. I am also interested in the transcendental side of life, so I review books on UFOs, ghosts, out-of-body experiences, and the like.

But I am not just a writer of blog posts and reviews. I also write fiction. I have a book of short stories available on Amazon called The Wider World. And I will soon publish a post-apocalypse-science-fiction novel called, Power of the Ancients (when it’s available on Amazon, I’ll make note of it here in a blog post; also in my Ray-Views newsletter). So a lot of my posts here will be concerning this work, informing you of promotions and such.

Because I’m a writer and I care about my craft, I am active in the South Carolina Writers Association. For a couple of years, I have led the association’s Columbia III chapter (aka: COLA3). Hence, I do a good bit of writing about writing. I probably won’t post that work here, but rather in my group’s newsletter (Chapter Three). If you are a writer or want to write, this newsletter may be of interest to you. It is free and anyone can subscribe to it.

You can see that the content here will be rather eclectic, which is what blogger gurus say not to do. Seems I can’t help but go against the grain. I hope you’ll find something here of interest to you. For anyone wanting to follow my work, this site is the place to do it. I have social media accounts and I post to them, but I don’t interact with them to the extent I will here.

And to further facilitate following my work, I offer my Ray-Views newsletter. It is a free emailing to inform you of my publications, postings, promotions, events, books, and basically everything I do. The idea, however, is not just to promote me, but to provide you with entertainment and information if you find my views and style compatible.

In a nutshell, what I’m offering is storytelling to entertain and inspire, and commentary to inform and encourage. It’s just something I must do, and I hope you’ll favor me as a regular reader.

Published by Ray Foy

SciFi writer, blogger, book reviewer, author of "Power of the Ancients"

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