A “Pause Before the Plunge” moment

Plunging into a controversial inauguration and my debut novel!

01/18/2021. This may be another one of those “pause before the plunge” moments. I feel like it is, anyway. We’re only a couple of days away from the inauguration of Joe Biden as US president. The media has hyped much drama around it, pushing complications of Trump resistance and armed demonstrations. It seems that large contingents of the military have been deployed in Washington D.C. and many streets there have been closed. The potential is for a greater (possibly deadlier) hoopla than was Jan 6, and the launching of the next phase of the elite’s Great Reset.

Yet there is another plunge coming for me in the next weeks that will be far less fearsome.

That second plunge is the self-publishing of my post-apocalypse science fiction novel, Power of the Ancients. This is the culmination of some ten years of writing (mostly learning to write fiction). This novel is set in the year 2327 CE, about 300 years after civilization’s fall. I see that fall as happening now, and I even talk about it in the book in the form of a time-line and one character’s journal entries (J. A. Drummond). Mostly, though, the novel is about the evil of our times reasserting itself among our devastated descendants. The format is of the hero’s journey, though it is a journey to be protracted over three novels.

So Power of the Ancients is written and I’m awaiting the arrival of a proof copy from Amazon to make my final review/revisions. If all goes well, I should have the novel available for purchase on Amazon by Feb 1, 2021. Now, I don’t expect to get rich off this book, and my greatest desire is just to get it into the hands of interested readers. I truly hope those readers will find the book entertaining, thoughtful, compelling, and even inspirational. That is my goal.

My conundrum is putting out this novel that is the expression of my creativity and hope, even as the world races into a global dystopia. Thoughtful readers should see the extension of these troubled times in the book, though how to deal with them is woven deeper into the story.

Most of my promotion for the novel will be via the tools offered by Amazon. I’ll post notices on social media, so you might want to follow me on Twitter (@RayFoy_writer), Facebook (Raymundo Foy), and Goodreads (Ray Foy).

I’ll also post info about the book on this site (rayviews.blog) and/or you can subscribe to my free newsletter (Ray-Views).

Spirits bless you, and please stay alert.

Published by Ray Foy

SciFi writer, blogger, book reviewer, author of "Power of the Ancients"

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