On the Day of my Novel’s Release

01/31/2021. Today I am announcing to the world (or as much of it as I can reach) that my post-apocalypse science fiction novel, Power of the Ancients, is released and available on Amazon.com. Of course, I’d like to reach potential readers—people with a desire for stories told in this genre. That’s more a matter of serendipity.

I have been developing this novel for many years, constructing situations, locations, a time-frame, and the characters to inhabit it all. The story is set in our fallen future (2327 CE) where people are living at a medieval level in a new ice age. Factions contend for dominance, looking for leverage with technology resurrected from our time. In the midst of all this, a working piece of high tech is discovered and grappled over. The key to finding, using, and maybe destroying this weaponized device, is a 17 year-old boy with psychic powers.

The future described in the book is my projection of our time. We are rapidly sliding into a New Dark Age and, obviously, I don’t see it ending well. But Power of the Ancients is not a tome on our current evils. It is a fiction about people, their angsts and relationships. And it conveys the old view, I hope, that the world is more than its appearances.

You can find Power of the Ancients on Amazon here.

Published by Ray Foy

SciFi writer, blogger, book reviewer, author of "Power of the Ancients"

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