Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21 by Dr. Vernon Coleman

A collection of topics connected by current events being pushed by Agenda 21.

Title: Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21
Author: Vernon Coleman
Publisher: (presumed self-published)
Publication date: 3/15/2021
Pages: 292
ASIN: B08Z4G3Q83
ISBN-13: 979-8722910721
Type: NonFiction
Amazon Rank: #15,460 in Kindle Store
#29 in Sociology (Kindle Store)
#322 in Sociology (Books)
#767 in Social Sciences (Books)

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Ray’s rating: 5 stars

Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21 is Dr. Vernon Coleman’s latest, urgent heads-up for humanity.


Dr. Coleman has been writing and video-blogging about the “pandemic” crisis since it burst upon the world in early 2020. The transcripts of his vlog posts from that time are compiled in his earlier book, Covid-19: The Greatest Hoax in History. There, you can see the evolution of this thinking about the crisis. That evolution culminated in his book, Coming Apocalypse, with that conclusion being expounded upon in this volume.

Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21 is an examination of the world’s state under COVID-19 lock-downs, corporate and municipal restrictions, coerced vaccinations, and relentless propaganda. It emphasizes how all this is to facilitate the working out of UN Agenda 21, which Dr. Coleman presents as the ultimate motivation behind the world’s elites. Early in the book, he describes Agenda 21 like this:

The Agenda 21 plan was to dumb down education, close all small companies, empty rural areas, force people to live in tower blocks in smart cities and shut down farms. Food would be grown in laboratories which would make tons of money for the right people…

He also has a section in Part Two where he goes deeper into the origin and purpose of Agenda 21 (though not exhaustively).

Dr. Coleman calls this a “…book of predictions and conclusions.” His predictions are mostly not explicit, but his narrative does paint a chilling picture of what the world will soon look like.

The “meat” of Endgame is presented in three major parts: 1. Foreword 2. “Part One: How Did We Get here?” 3. “Part Two: What the World Will Look Like.”

Part Two is composed of an alphabetical list of topics. This section makes up the most of the book’s material and is Dr. Coleman’s expounding on each of topic. It is a pretty long: Africa, Agenda 21, AIDS, Alcoholism, etc, all related to the theme of “what’s happening and where is it headed?”

There is no reference section, but there is an “Essential Reading” list that looks like it would provide a pretty good education on this material.


As in other of his books, Dr. Coleman notes that he writes without specifying the words: COVID-19, vaccine, or vaccination because he has been censored for such usage in other books and platforms (he has been heavily censored and maligned). He manages this wording caveat pretty well, however.

Throughout the text, Dr. Coleman stresses that the current “pandemic” event has been long in the planning by the global elites. He points out that the vehicle for their plans, Agenda 21, came out of a United Nations conference held in Brazil in 1992. This implication of a longstanding plan for world dominion lends sinister overtones to current events.

It has also been a theme of Dr. Coleman’s, in this book and elsewhere, that we are in a war against the elites and that we will win it. This bit of optimism tempers the darkness in the rest of the book. I understand and appreciate his view, though I don’t believe the outcome of this struggle is so certain. Indeed, the odds are stacked against the common folk.

Endgame is a look at these dystopian times from a number of angles, presented in many topics. The book sorely lacks accessibility to those topics that should have been provided by a Table of Contents and/or an Index.

Those lacks, and that much of the Foreword consists of material taken from Part One and Part Two, give the book a feeling of being hastily created. If that’s true, I expect it was done from Dr. Coleman’s sincere sense of urgency. For me, that is a forgiving factor for any construction flaws.


There are a lot of predictions in this book. To give you a flavor of the world Dr. Coleman sees coming, let me list a few:

A two tier society is coming fast. The top tier will consist of those who have been jabbed.

The only sports allowed will be eSports.

They will force people out of the country and into their smart cities by banning cars and public transport, cutting electricity and telephone supplies to rural areas.

We soon won’t be able to travel anywhere.

There is a plan afoot to merge all religions into one – creating a new global religion suitable for a world which has a global government.

This barely scratches the surface, though. It is an ugly world the elites have planned for us. Genocide is a big part of the plan. As Dr. Coleman has noted in his other work, they have begun with the elderly.


Endgame: The Hidden Agenda 21 is similar in scope and format to Dr. Coleman’s earlier book, Coming Apocalypse. The evolution of his thinking between the two books is evident. In this one, he seems to take Agenda 21 more into considerations. As such, he publishes out of the urgency to provide information and sound a warning. His book should be taken in that light.

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