Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Koire

Understanding the UN Agenda 21 that is driving our current plunge into dystopia.

Title: Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21
Author: Rosa Koire
Publisher: The Post Sustainability Press
Publication date: 1st edition (September 2, 2011)
Pages: 172
ISBN-13: 978-0615494548
Type: NonFiction
Amazon Rank: #135,977 in Kindle Store
#35 in Globalization (Kindle Store)
#189 in Globalization & Politics
#291 in Political Science (Kindle Store)

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Ray’s rating: 4 stars

The “Green Mask” is the false face of the hijacked ecology movement. The world’s ruling elites behind the United Nations did the hijacking. What they are masking is a set of initiatives and projects aimed at making the world into the image desired by the elites. Those projects and initiatives are expressed for public consumption in the United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development project. In her book, Ms. Koire tells us what Agenda 21 is, and what the implications of it are for humanity.


Since it seems the general public is not aware of UN Agenda 21 (outside of misinformation), let me note what Ms. Koire says about its origin. She tells us it is based on United Nations policies that have been around at least since the 1970s. They were given firmer shape in 1987 with “the World Commission on Environment and Development (called the Brundtland Commission,)….” This commission came up with Agenda 21 and presented it to the world “At the Rio Earth Summit in 1992….” To quote Ms. Koire:

“In a nutshell, the plan calls for governments to take control of all land use and not leave any of the decision making in the hands of private property owners.”

The philosophical bedrock for Agenda 21 is the concept of “Communitarianism.” This is the idea that the needs of the individual must be balanced against the needs of the community. That sounds nice. The problem is that under the agenda, the community wins every time. And the community is that of the governing elite.

It is also important to understand that the collection of Agenda 21 policies is called “sustainable development.” This term is often used instead of “Agenda 21.” It also sounds like a good thing. Indeed, many of the ideas offered by Agenda 21 sound good. They promise: a move from polluting fossil fuels to renewable energy, abandoning practices that harm the earth, and revamping the way people live so as to be easier on the environment. But this “Green New Deal” is a cover for the imposition of a world governance of tyranny. It is a “Green Mask.”

The first part of Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 describes the agenda and the methodology of those who would push it upon the world. Ms. Koire talks about the implementation roles of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), Regionalization, and “the International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives—ICLEI.” She also describes the Delphi Technique, which is a psychological manipulation used to push citizen groups (and city councils) into adopting Agenda 21 policies and thinking it is their idea.

The imposition of Agenda 21 is then shown in action by the next third (at least) of the book. This section is Ms. Koire’s description of her battle with the city council over the enacting of Agenda 21 policies in Santa Rosa, California. This is a long, illustrative section describing the specifics of the fight against city ordinances that would restrict property owners use of their land and increase their tax burden. Other initiatives created “transportation corridors” for bicycles and closing off parts of roads to cars. She explains how these are all Agenda 21 initiatives and this memoir section illustrates how to fight them at the local level.

The last third of the book is a further examination of Agenda 21 policies and how recent events were engineered to implement them. The final section is a lengthy discussion of what readers can personally do to fight the agenda.


Agenda 21 is a globalist agenda, meant to culminate with a world government. Its implementation is built on deception. Constituent initiatives are presented as unarguable and good for the earth and for people. Examination of them, however, reveals they promote the opposite of what they promise. This intentionally makes it more difficult to reveal the evil behind Agenda 21. This book is meant to provide that education. I believe it does for the thoughtful reader.

The middle section where Ms. Koire describes her city council battles is instructive, but it bogs down at points in the minutiae of local government procedures. I found it easy to lose the thread here and had to restart a couple of times to follow it.

While the memoir section is illustrative, it is long and distracting from the rest of the narrative. The same is true, somewhat, for the final chapter (What can I Do?), which is a lengthy recommendation for anti-agenda activists.

The next-to-last chapter (Our Spartan Future: Neo-Feudalism) contains a list of the goals and effects of Agenda 21. This list is helpful in pulling off the mask to expose the presence of the agenda in your city.


Because Agenda 21 is built on deception and is composed of many parts, it can be difficult to answer the question of just exactly what it is. This is especially true if the question comes from someone with no previous knowledge of the agenda, and who accepts official narratives without question. Getting a grasp on the reality of things requires study. This book, though a challenge to the reader’s patience at points, is a good start to your education.

There is a feeling of urgency permeating Behind the Green Mask. Rightly so, in this time of health crisis hoax and killer injections. Such are powerful tools of the elites for the implementation of Agenda 21. This book, though published well before the current crisis, warns us about the dystopian nightmare scenario unfolding that Agenda 21 covers like a green mask.

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