Dragon Rain by Vonnie Winslow Crist

Engaging fantasy short fiction well-steeped in dragon lore.

Title: Dragon Rain
Author: Vonnie Winslow Crist
Publisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLC
Publication date: September 3, 2021
Pages: 209
Type: Fiction, Short Stories, Fantasy

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Ray’s rating: 5 stars

Spend an evening in a place where dragons live and breathe fire, converse in mind-speak, perform magic, travel through time, and are bringers of good fortune or retribution. You’ll find that place in the eighteen short fantasy stories that comprise Dragon Rain.


All of the stories are solidly in the fantasy genre. Nature spirits and fabulous creatures (wyverns, wyrms, trolls, fairies, vampires, etc) play major roles in nearly every tale. Reverence for life and nature infuses all the storytelling along with a sense of karma and good behavior being (usually) rewarded.

In 209 pages this book offers slice-of-fantasy vignettes to extensive works that could be novelized. In all of them, there is a strong sense of story that complements the fantasy environment and character elements. This makes for compelling fiction that holds reader interest. It held mine such that I “got into” every story in the collection.

Several of the stories are set in medieval Japan and the dragons in these stories are positive and associated with good fortune (as is appropriate for that culture). Others are more European in setting. The Hearth Dragon is a good example of a Western Civ medieval setting that even includes a vampire. This is my favorite story in the collection because of its sympathetic cast of characters. It could easily be made a novel or series.

Some stories are based on mythology and folklore (Motherhood, Wolfbane, Magic) while others have a Science Fiction flavor (Veil, Bloodguiltless). Some are fantasy/dragon twists on tales usually told in other genres (Bayou, Dragonflies). So there is a creative range in the storytelling.


That imaginative range is this collection’s strength. None of the stories struck me as cliche or “old hat.” Though all are based on dragon-fantasy-mythology themes and conventions, the plots and story arcs are unique and compelling.

I also like the consistency with which the dragons are presented across the stories. They are all intelligent shape-shifters, often possessing powers of magic, are usually sympathetic to good humans (though there are a couple of monsters), and often serve as positive harbingers.

Several of the stories end with allusions to a greater life ahead for the protagonist. This is in keeping with dragons being portents and does provide a feel for the story as an instance of larger life, but it can make the story feel abbreviated.

Overall, the feel I get from these stories is that the author is a capable storyteller, very well-grounded in mythology and folklore.


I much like this short story compilation. I think it well-written with engaging storytelling that prompts reader immersion into even the shortest of the stories. The fantasy world-views assuming magic, myth, and dragons feel natural. The prose often reads like a classic fairy tale, transporting the reader into a universe of imagination resonating with deep folkloric themes. And Dragon Rain is a fun read.

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