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THE DARKEST OF TIMES 10/23/2021. This is a dark time in the world and it has gotten me down. I’ve lately suffered from a bad case of “what’s the use?” Hence, I’ve not posted much. I’m reading less. I’ve withdrawn from all social media. Work on my novel has languished. I have noticed that someContinue reading “DESPAIR”

Final Events by Nick Redfern

Important slant on UFO/Alien issue but certainly not the whole story. Title: FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the AfterlifeAuthor: Nick RedfernPublisher: Anomalist BooksPublication date: March 31, 2011Pages: 266ASIN: B004URRYPSISBN-13: 978-1933665481Type: NonFiction, UFO, Occult Amazon Book PageGoodReads Book Page Ray’s rating: 4 stars I have long been aware of theContinue reading “Final Events by Nick Redfern”

The Count of the Sahara by Wayne Turmel

Engaging entertaining period piece and character study Title: The Count of the SaharaAuthor: Wayne TurmelPublisher: THE BOOK FOLKSPublication date: August 15, 2015Pages: 369ASIN: B01407R2H2ISBN-13: 978-1517282776Type: Historical Fiction, Travel AdventureCharacters: Count Byron de Prorok, Willy Braun, Lonnie Pond Amazon Book PageGoodReads Book Page Ray’s rating: 4 stars Part thriller and part period piece, The Count ofContinue reading “The Count of the Sahara by Wayne Turmel”

Dragon Rain by Vonnie Winslow Crist

Engaging fantasy short fiction well-steeped in dragon lore. Title: Dragon RainAuthor: Vonnie Winslow CristPublisher: Mocha Memoirs Press, LLCPublication date: September 3, 2021Pages: 209ASIN: B09BRHMWFVISBN-13:Type: Fiction, Short Stories, Fantasy Amazon Book PageGoodReads Book Page Ray’s rating: 5 stars Spend an evening in a place where dragons live and breathe fire, converse in mind-speak, perform magic, travelContinue reading “Dragon Rain by Vonnie Winslow Crist”


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