Tracks by Robyn Davidson

One of my favorite “pilgrimage” books. Title: TracksAuthor: Robyn DavidsonPublisher: Vintage DeparturesPublication date: 2014 (first published in 1980)Pages: 268ISBN-13: 978-0-679-76287-4Type: MemoirRay’s rating: 5 stars Amazon book pageGoodreads book page This is a marvelous little book. It is at once, inspiring, scary, and thoughtful. For me, it has earned a place beside Wild (Cheryl Strayed) andContinue reading “Tracks by Robyn Davidson”

Five Chimneys by Olga Lengyel

Memoir of a great horror that echoes our current dystopia. Title: Five Chimneys: A Woman Survivor’s True Story of AuschwitzAuthor: Olga LengyelPublisher: GENERAL PRESSPublication date: 11/09/2020 (originally published in 1947)Pages: 279ASIN: B08NXS47N9ISBN-13: 978-1774641699Type: NonFictionAmazon Rank: #10,451 in Kindle Store#9 in Jewish Biographies#14 in Jewish History (Kindle Store)#34 in Jewish History (Books) Amazon Book PageGoodReads BookContinue reading “Five Chimneys by Olga Lengyel”

Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O’Nan

Quiet desperation played out at a Red Lobster restaurant’s final closing. Title: Last Night at the LobsterAuthor: Stewart O’NanPublisher: Penguin BooksPublication date: 11/01/2007Pages: 162ASIN: B000YJ54GCISBN: 0143114425ISBN-13: 9780670018277Type: FictionCharacters: Manny DeLeon, working class waitresses, dishwashers, chef etc; Roz, Jacquie, Rich, Leron, Eddie, Nicolette, Dom Amazon Rank: #566,121 in Kindle Store#1,936 in Humorous Literary Fiction#3,176 in ContemporaryContinue reading “Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O’Nan”

Once We Were Here by Christopher Cosmos

Good story lost in weak storytelling. Title: Once We Were HereAuthor: Christopher CosmosPublisher: ArcadePublication date: 10/20/2020Pages: 360ISBN-13: 978-1510757127Type: FictionCharacters: Andreas, Alexei, Costa, Philia, Koukidis, Iannis, Eleni Amazon Ranks: #241,997 in Books#984 in World War II Historical Fiction (Books)#1,395 in Cultural Heritage Fiction#1,636 in 20th Century Historical Romance (Books) Ray’s rating: 3 stars The Greek resistanceContinue reading “Once We Were Here by Christopher Cosmos”

Jesus: A New Vision by Whitley Strieber

Jesus of Nazareth as he really was, reveals us as we really are. Title: Jesus: A New VisionAuthor: Whitley StrieberPublisher: Walker & Collier, Inc.Publication date: 01/15/2021Pages: 251ASIN: B08R5GHT13ISBN-13: 978-1734202861Type: NonFiction Amazon Rank: #31,501 in Kindle Store#8 in Eschatology (Kindle Store)#17 in Occult Unexplained Mysteries#56 in Ancient & Controversial Knowledge Amazon Book Page GoodReads Book PageContinue reading “Jesus: A New Vision by Whitley Strieber”

Ghost of Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

Still touching the spirit bear in another wilderness. Title: Ghost of Spirit BearAuthor: Ben MikaelsenPublisher: HarperCollinsPublication date: 6/17/2008Pages: 160ISBN-13: 978-0060090081Type: Fiction, YACharacters: Cole Matthews, Garvey, Peter Driscal, Keith Amazon Rank: #12,430,426 in Books#2,164 in Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Violence (Books)#2,430 in Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Bullying (Books)#3,149 in Teen & YoungContinue reading “Ghost of Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen”

Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen

Feel-good YA tale of redemption wrought by survival ordeal and native American wisdom. Title: Touching Spirit BearAuthor: Ben MikaelsenPublisher: HarperCollinsPublication date: 4/1/2002Pages: 256ISBN-13: 978-0380805600Type: Fiction, YAAmazon Rank: #1,980 in Books #7 in Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Violence #11 in Teen & Young Adult Fiction about Physical & Emotional Abuse Characters: Edwin, Cole Matthews,Continue reading “Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen”

Watchmen by Alan Moore

Examination of good vs bad and hero vs villain in a comic book classic. Title: WatchmenAuthor: Alan MooreIllustrator: Dave GibbonsPublisher: DC ComicsPublication date: 2005, 4/1/1995 (1st published 9/8/1987)Pages: 416ISBN-13: 9780930289232Type: FictionCharacters: Jon Osterman (Dr. Manhattan), Walter Kovacs (Rorschach), Hollis Mason (Nite Owl I), Daniel Dreiberg (Nite Owl), Sally Jupiter, Laurie Jupiter (Silk Spectre II), AdrianContinue reading “Watchmen by Alan Moore”

The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron

Title: The Places That Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult TimesAuthor: Pema ChodronPublisher: Shambhala (Random House)Publication date: 8/13/2002Pages: 145ASIN: B00BBXJH7WISBN-13: 978-1611805963Type: NonFictionAmazon Best Sellers Rank: #68,951 Paid in Kindle Store #25 in Tibetan Buddhism (Kindle Store) #59 in Meditation (Kindle Store) #78 in Tibetan Buddhism (Books) Ray’s rating: 5 stars Goodreads book pageContinue reading “The Places That Scare You by Pema Chodron”

The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang

Well-written fantasy-military tale with medieval China ambiance. Title: The Poppy WarAuthor: R. F KuangPublisher: Harper VoyagerPublication date: 4/23/2019Pages: 544ISBN-13: 978-0062662583Type: FictionCharacters: Fang Runin of Tikany (Rin), Jiang Ziya, Jun, Nezha, Altan Trengsin, Tutor Feyrik, Chaghan, Qara, Mai’rinnen Tearza (last queen of Speer), Empress Su Daji, Venka Amazon Rank: #8,118 in Books #35 in Asian MythContinue reading “The Poppy War by R.F. Kuang”