A Review Delayed and A Review Revisited

Vaccine Science Revisited to shed light on a non-vaccine 04/24/2021. I have just finished reading Rosa Koire’s book, Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21. I will have a Ray-View of it, but I’m not posting one this week. I want to spend some time on it and also do a little more research onContinue reading “A Review Delayed and A Review Revisited”

Journeys and Walter Mitty

Dare to step outside…without a mask! 03/27/2021. I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of life-changing journeys, especially as achieved in pilgrimage. Lord of the Rings is a classic example. Journey stories are a dramatic arch-type. It’s easy to understand why, with a journey being a metaphor for life. As with life, a person comesContinue reading “Journeys and Walter Mitty”

On the Day of my Novel’s Release

01/31/2021. Today I am announcing to the world (or as much of it as I can reach) that my post-apocalypse science fiction novel, Power of the Ancients, is released and available on Amazon.com. Of course, I’d like to reach potential readers—people with a desire for stories told in this genre. That’s more a matter ofContinue reading “On the Day of my Novel’s Release”

A “Pause Before the Plunge” moment

Plunging into a controversial inauguration and my debut novel! 01/18/2021. This may be another one of those “pause before the plunge” moments. I feel like it is, anyway. We’re only a couple of days away from the inauguration of Joe Biden as US president. The media has hyped much drama around it, pushing complications ofContinue reading “A “Pause Before the Plunge” moment”

Resisting the Great Reset

01/12/2021. I have restarted my Internet presence with this WordPress blog site, and I have made considerable progress toward getting my novel self-published via Amazon (Kindle Direct Publishing). I have posted a couple of Ray-views and gleaned some attention on social media. All this is a literary momentum that I wanted to launch, but IContinue reading “Resisting the Great Reset”